Democracy is Coming... to the U.S.A.

May 21, 2013
Register now for . . . The Democracy Convention!

Many of you have been waiting for the news, and here it is: Registration is now open for the 2013 Democracy Convention!

This 2nd Democracy Convention will be an exciting opportunity for individuals and organizations from around the country to connect with and learn from each other in the service of building a stronger democracy movement.

More than one conference, the Democracy Convention actually houses -nine- conferences under one roof.

As the great progressive reformer Fighting Bob La Follette said, "democracy is a life," and "involves constant struggle" in all sectors of society.

So register now, and plan on attending one or more of the following:

With the 2013 Democracy Convention, we recognize the importance of each separate democracy struggle, as well as the need to unite them all in a common, deeply rooted, broad based, movement for democracy.

*** This year's Democracy Convention, will be held in Madison, Wisconsin on August 7-11, 2013. ***

This will be THE PLACE to go this summer for those committed to winning democracy in the U.S.A... 

Register now for the Democracy Convention. Click here.