Democracy Day in Brecksville (OH) is Monday, February 27

February 23, 2017

Democracy Day is a community gathering that occurs once every 2 years to discuss the effects of money on our political process. It's an important opportunity for citizens to get together & respectfully discuss the ever increasing influence of money on our political process.

Please come & join the conversation on February 27, 2017 @ 6:30pm at the Brecksville Human Service Center, 2 Community Drive.

Democracy Day is the result of persistent Brecksville citizens who collected sufficient signatures to place on the ballot an initiative calling for the creation of this biennial public hearing. The initiative  also stipulated that Brecksville city officials notify federal and state elected officials that voters approved a ballot initiative calling on Congress to pass a constitutional amendment declaring that only human beings, not corporate entities, possess inalienable constitutional rights and that money is not equivalent to free speech and, therefore, can be regulated in elections.

The initiative was challenged all the way to the Ohio Supreme Court, which ruled that it was a legal initiative for local voter consideration. In November 2012, the initiative was approved by a majority of Brecksville voters.

The citizen initiative was organized by Brecksville Citizens for Transparent Politics,

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