October 3, 2018

Mark your calendar for Democracy Day in Kent, OH.  The City Council of Kent, OH will hold its Democracy Day public hearing on October 3, 2018.  This public hearing will examine the impact on our city, our state and our nationof political influence resulting from campaign contributions by corporate entities.  Corporate entities include businesses, corporations, political action committees, super PACs, groups and unions.  Members of the general public in attendance shall be afforded the opportunity to speak on these matters for up to five minutes per person.  YOU ARE INVITED TO ATTEND AND/OR OFFER TESTIMONY.  See Move To Amend website "Examples of Corporate Rule" section for ideas. 

In 2016, Kent approved the amendment to the US Constitution declaring the following principles:

1.  Only human beings, not corporartions, are legal persons with Constituional rights and

2.  Money is not equivalent to speech,and therefore, regulating political contributions and spending does not equate to limiting political speech.

Democracy Day public hearings will be held each election year until the amendment is passed by Congress.

Greg Coleridge and Bill Wilen will offer five-minute testimonies.  Contact Bill for more information wwilen [at]