Democracy Movement Briefing TONIGHT (2/13)

February 13, 2018

Move to Amend is joining our friends at Liberty Tree for their Democracy Movement Briefing call this month.

Join Move to Amend National Director Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap in a discussion with Liberty Tree's Timeka Drew to identify both general principles/strategic considerations for resistance and concrete campaigns that participants may join/launch in your area.


WhoHosted by Liberty Tree National Director Timeka Drew featuring guest speaker Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap, Move to Amend National Director

What: Democracy Movement Briefings: Supporting Important Dialogue & Strategizing for the Future

WhereMaestro Conference Webinar - Register Here

When: Tuesday, February 13 @ 5PM PT / 8PM ET

WhyFor the broad democracy movement, it is essential that organizing and dialogue between partisans expand and attains new levels of sophistication and coordination. One way to address this need is organizing public strategy conversations between leading movement activists on key topics in ways that allow for rapid, strategic resistance to the Trump agenda and promotion of shared left-wing ideas that resonate with the majority of working people and super-exploited communities across the United States and abroad. In order to engage this critical space, the Liberty Tree Foundation in partnership with and Move To Amend is organizing a series of Democracy Movement Briefings which shall work with engaged intellectuals and movement strategists and organizers on conversations conducted via webinar.  

The broad democracy movement is a revolutionary movement with active projects on at least three fronts: (1) building independent politics and formations, including the Green Party; (2) insurgent Democratic Party initiatives; and (3) social movement organizing and campaigns, including among many others the Movement for Black Lives, pro-immigrant organizing, labor- and gender-based campaigns, and a diffuse environmental and environmental justice movement. Organizing on these fronts are not necessarily mutually exclusive and productive collaborations, especially between social movement and political organizing, although serious tensions on priorities and direction necessarily exist. Partisans on the left operating in one or more of these fronts cannot wish away the existence of their counterparts on the other fronts. Indeed, hybrid political formations exist and new ones may yet emerge.

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