Democracy Needs You!

September 19, 2015

The Fall of Our Democracy!
Democracy needs YOU this Fall!

Are you in NW, SW and South Central Minnesota?
Or Minneapolis Metro Area, Rochester and North Central areas?
Are you in the Duluth and Saint Paul Metro Areas?

Let us know you are interested – minnesota [at]

The presidential election season has arrived and the hopefuls are crowding the airwaves with 
their inflated position statements intended to get you to fill in the oval for them at your polling 
place.  We must make sure that they are being asked the right questions. We must make sure that they have the opportunity to Pledge To Amend.  We must make sure that, once they are in, that they won’t promptly forget their public promises when the rich individuals and corporate donors call at the office to collect.  Only people united have more power.  If we are to take democracy from the oligarchy, the plutocracy, what some call a corporatocracy, we must be educated and act together!

As a Move To Amend petition signer you are receiving this email because you still believe in democracy.  We thank you for being awake, being knowledgeable, and for taking a stand.

Corporations are Legal Fictions – Only Human Beings are We the People!
Only people, who have blood in their veins, who can live, breathe, and die, are people; the citizens.
Corporations are not persons and they possess only the privileges citizens and their elected representatives willfully grant them. Our Amendment will reverse the Court’s invention of "corporate personhood" and corporate constitutional rights and limit corporations to their proper role: doing business.

Money is Not Speech therefore Campaign Finance Can Be Regulated.

Move To Amend is a national democracy movement.  The affiliates in Minnesota work together as the Minnesota Move To Amend State Network.   The Network Action Plan focuses on
Expanding the Base, Education, Legislation and Organization Development.  Together we can
build a strong movement here in Minnesota.  That “we” includes you.

If you are looking for a role,
establishing a working group or affiliate in your area may be just for you.

What does it take to establish an affiliate?  A leadership team of about 6 people (pull together your own group if you would like) who organize such tasks as tabling/petitioning at community events and farmers’ markets, carrying a banner in a local parade, hosting film screenings and speaker events, sending email to everyone in your affiliate area listed in the national database about upcoming meetings and events, participating in the movement building education series, attending national conference calls as well as our MN Network call each month.  You have the support and resources of the MN affiliates and the national office.

You don't need to take on everything at once.
Begin as a working group doing what you have time to do.

Barbara Gerten and Virg Boehland, Co-Chairs, of the Minnesota Move To Amend State Network would like to hear from you at minnesota [at] to begin exploring the possibility of establishing a working group or affiliate in your area.

Join us and make history together.