Democracy is Not a Spectator Sport

June 22, 2016
We collected over 300 signatures last Saturday. Thanks to those who participated.

We now have 6691 signatures that have been turned in. Our goal is at least 7500. Just 800 more to go!

We won’t get there without your help. That’s a fact. Period. Democracy is not a spectator sport. We have to do it.  We know many of you have collected some signatures but haven’t turned them in while others have committed to collect signatures. We’re asking for those who’ve made commitments to fulfill them.


If everyone who’ve received a petition collected just 10 more by the end of the month, we’d be well beyond our goal. We are asking you to get at least 10 additional signatures. If you need suggestions on good places check out our locations on our homepage.
Please remind people to sign there name (not printed unless that is how they sign).
Petition turn in day is Saturday, July 2.
We’re asking that you bring your petitions and celebrate together our achievement at Platform Brewery on Saturday, July 2nd at 5pm!
Platform Brewery is located at 4125 Lorain Ave. Free parking is available or take #22, #79 RTA bus. It is also a 15 minute walk from the W25 stop on the Red Line.
**If you can’t make it on July 2, we’ll be glad to pick up your petition. Let us know by contacting Greg at 216-255-2184 or Lois at 216-231-2170 or email cleveland [at] (subject: Pick%20up%20my%20petition!) **

In solidarity,

Cleveland Move to Amend