Democracy: What's It Worth?

May 30, 2018

We learn a lot about ourselves in times of crisis; the past weeks have proved that the community of people who make up Move to Amend are really quite marvelous! 

On May 1, we sent out this SOS: We need to raise $150 G's by the end of the month to stay in the game until our year-end funding drive. 

You wasted no time in responding to our May Day SOS. So far ---

  • $81,585 in donations
  • $40,000 in pledges
  • 1,364 of you responded
  • 157 new monthly sustainers

We're offering you a chance to feel marvelous today by helping us reach our goal. We're very close with only a few days left to reach it. Please click here to become a monthly sustaining contributor, or here to make a one time contribution.

Our unexpected financial crisis taught us a few other things: 

  • Independence has its price, as does democracy.
  • Both have required great sacrifice, and still do. 
  • Collectively we can shoulder the cost, but only if each of us digs deep and gives what we can afford.

You still have a chance to feel marvelous today by helping us reach our goal. We're close and there are only a few days left to reach it. Please click here to help us meet the match of $40,000 -- your donation will be doubled!

We learn a lot about ourselves in times of crisis; living under the Trump administration has certainly taught us volumes. 

Since he took office, we've seen the political fabric of the American quilt stretched, pulled and torn in grotesque and obscene fashion as government demeans, prosecutes, and persecutes anyone and everyone who doesn't follow Trump's narrow-minded, mean-spirited template for corporate rule, and the complete redistribution of wealth to the 1% and their corporations.

Debt-slavery and poverty, that's what's in it for you, your family members, or neighbors, if Move to Amend does not succeed in passing the We the People Amendment. 

If you step up and donate now, you become an investor in the only national organization working to overturn Citizens United and all the other corporate constitutional rights which helped create Donald Trump and his awful administration. Please click here to contribute and help us get all of the matching funds pledged.

Now is not the time to sacrifice the long term vision of real transformative democracy on the altar of immediate resistance.

We must resist and build at the same time. Without a vision for the future, and a plan to get there, resistance alone cannot deliver liberty of thought, freedom of movement, opportunities to prosper in a sustainable framework, and choice in the marketplace of ideas.

Resistance is democracy at work, but it isn't justice. When democracy is actually working, justice is achievable. The heat is on, only a few more days to raise $28,415! Please click here to pitch in!

Thank you for your support, and for digging deep!

Yours for true democracy,
Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap
National Director

P.S. You have already helped us raise $81,585... but at this point we'd still be leaving $28,415 in matching funds on the table! Please don't let that happen --please make a donation today and then please ask your friends and family to join you! Thank you.