Dig Your Heels In - And Bring Those Signatures!

July 5, 2018

That Donald Trump will have the opportunity to appoint a second justice to the Supreme Court is frightening. Trump will choose a candidate much further to Kennedy's right, and that should be enough to send shivers down anyone's spine.  On occasion, Kennedy leaned left around some civil liberties matters, but he was one of the five justices who aways supported the rights of corporations over the rights of We the People, and he wasn't very good on race, economic or governance issues generally.

Kennedy can and should be faulted (along with four other justices) for dealing the deathblow to the democracy we once had. He was on the wrong but winning side of the Citizens United and Hobby Lobby decisions, two recent cases expanding the first amendment rights of corporations and diminishing the rights of living breathing people. 

It's time to dust off the Motion to Amend and gather some signatures!

This past week marked the fourth anniversary of the Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby decision. As pundits and politicians wax poetic about Kennedy's long and sterling career, over the coming days, it’s unlikely they will point out that the man not only helped create religious rights for corporations, but also prioritized corporate religious rights over the rights of women (including those who practice a religion) and families. They won't be talking about the destruction he wrought with his Citizens United and anti-LGBTQ+ positions either. 

We believe that getting big money out of politics is really important, but abolishing corporate constitutional rights meant for human beings is monumentally important. When the religious rights of a corporation supersede those of an individual, including religious ones, We the People have a huge problem.  

The We the People Amendment is the only democracy amendment in Congress addressing campaign finance reform by overturning Citizens United that would also overturn Hobby Lobby and make clear corporations don't have religious rights. The timing couldn't be better to gather signatures on the Motion to Amend. How many signatures can you gather this month? 

It seems with every passing day, the Trump administration takes us further and further from our goal of fulfilling the promise of American democracy, a sure indicator to dig your heels in and fight, fight, fight!

We believe that gathering signatures on the Motion to Amend petition is among the most patriotic things an American can do, especially around Independence Day! Get started here