Do We Do or Do We Die?

May 10, 2018

Ten days ago we sent out an urgent S.O.S. requesting your financial assistance in raising $150,000 by the end of May.

The initial response has been incredibly encouraging: 726 of you contributed $50,424, just over 1/3 of our target goal, and enough to fund us for a couple months -- we call it a democracy down payment. Thank you!

To ensure Move to Amend can sustain ourselves financially, we are asking everyone to make monthly democracy deposits. Click here to become a sustaining donor.

Over time, we've raised enough funds to build a solid foundation, but will we have enough money to finish the job we started? Will our very successful effort devolve into ever increasing alarmist emails about a very real lack of funding?

We've raised $150,000 in one month before and we hope to do it again, but there is a better way than sounding an alarm every six to twelve months. Not all of us can afford to put down, all at once, the full amount of what we actually can afford to invest in building democracy and Move to Amend, which is why we offer you a democracy investment plan!

$28 or $128? $10 or $200? You decide the amount of your monthly democracy deposit, and then you can rest easy that your funds are being invested in the sustenance of Move to Amend affiliates, building the democracy movement, and passing the We the People Amendment -- throughout the year! Click here to get started.

Although Move to Amend has learned by necessity to really stretch a dollar, our funding model has always been soft and thoughtful of our supporters: 

  • We don’t send regular “urgent” requests. Move to Amend has always successfully raised our annual budget with our year-end funding drive, supplemented by one email each month.
  • We recognize that our volunteer force gives many hours of free time, and also financially support their local affiliate groups.
  • We don’t accept money from organizations with agendas, corporations or otherwise. We remain independently funded so we can do the work we set out to do.
  • We do not exist to raise money and do a little work in between funding drives, like countless other organizations, nor will we ever!

Move to Amend does the work of building a democracy movement and passing the We the People Amendment every single day, year after year, sun-up to sundown.

We must raise the full $150,000 -- by the end of May -- to stay in the game in a meaningful way. Raising 10% of those funds -- at least $15,000 -- in recurring monthly donations will help us avoid future financial Maydays. Please click here to determine the size of your monthly democracy deposit.

Move to Amend is blessed with a truly wonderful staff team. They have voluntarily cut their hours during this crisis, to help see us through. Then they turned around and volunteered those hours back again. Our regular contributors have stepped up big, and sustaining donors have upped their contributions as well. We're grateful and humbled by your generosity of spirit, as well as purse.

Move to Amend works for the benefit of all, those within and without our circles and communities. We are asking everybody, especially those who have not previously given, to invest in us -- and your future -- now. 

Get in on the ground floor! Click here to make your first democracy deposit.

Thank you for your support!

Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap
National Director

P.S. I personally give $28/month, for the 28th Amendment we will pass. Please consider pledging a similar amount. If you can give more, that's wonderful -- several of our supporters do give more. And if you can't do that much, that's fine too -- as long as everyone chips in what they can, we will make our goal and ensure a sustainable movement to amend for as long as it takes to win the 28th Amendment!