Donate 28 Dollars, Get a Stamp in the Mail.

January 14, 2018

We're fast approaching January 21st - the "anniversary" of the outrageous Supreme Court decision, Citizen's United v FEC. We're calling for a National Day of Action on the 21st! 

We want you to show up in your community - be creative, make a scene, and use this day of action as an opportunity to remind folks about Citizen's United and the even larger problem of corporate rule! Let them know we're not going away! 

We have a great list of action ideas you can use on the 21st, which you can find here, along with tips for using media to maximize your action. 

One of the most fun, simple, and impactful actions you can take is stamping money! We're excited to announce a brand new self-inking partner stamp created for us by Stamp Stampede! This weekend only - if you donate $28+ dollars to Move to Amend, we'll send you one of these brand new stamps!                                                          


Below is a message from Ben Cohen, co-founder of Ben and Jerry's and master money stamper. 

Hi Garrett, it’s Ben, the guy on the left.

Usually I’m licking ice cream. But from Jan 14 to 21, I’ll be stamping -- because J21 is the anniversary of the Citizens United Supreme court decision. 

In the week leading up to it, I’m teaming up with Move To Amend and dozens other national and local organizations for The Stamp-A-Thon Marathon.

It’s the biggest protest ever against Citizens United and for getting big money out of politics.  Already over 4,000 people have pledged to rubber stamp 1.7 MILLION pieces of paper currency with messages like “Corporations Are NOT People, Money is NOT Free Speech.” But our goal is 2 million stamped bills, so we need your help.

If you donate $28 or more to Move To Amend, I’ll send you a self-inking rubber stamp that says “Corporations Are NOT People, Money is NOT Free Speech.” (And yes, it’s totally legal!)  

But you have to donate before MIDNIGHT on Sunday, January 14 in order to get your stamper before January 21

The beautiful thing about stamping is that anyone can do it, anywhere, anytime. But January 21 is the 8th anniversary of the infamous Citizens United v FEC Supreme Court ruling that unleashed a flood of special interest money in our local, state, and federal elections.

The amazing thing about stamping money is that it is the original viral marketing. Every stamped bill is seen an average of 875 times as it gets passed from hand to hand.  That means that with all of us stamping together in the week leading up to January 21, our message will be seen more than 1 billion times!

There’s no better time to make a donation to Move to Amend. Because you get a free stamp and you get to participate in the Stamp a thon Marathon. So, GET OFF YOUR BUTT AND CLICK THIS LINK (please).  When your grandkids ask “Where were you doing during the Great Stamp a Thon Marathon?”  you don’t want to have to say you were sitting on your butt.  So, get off it, click the link and be part of history.

Support Move To Amend, join the fight to end big money in politics and give your grandkids a country to be proud of.

P.S. You can pledge to stamp money and learn more about the day of action here. Remember, you have to donate $28+ before midnight on Sunday, January 14.