Double Down On Democracy

May 31, 2018

Building a democracy movement and passing the We the People Amendment is no easy feat, but we're doing it: community by community, county by county, state by state.

We're doing it because somebody has to do it.

Somebody literally has to go out and do the work of talking with and organizing our neighbors, community members and local businesses into a force for real participatory democracy. If Move to Amend doesn't do this work, who will? 

Raising the money to fund an independent grassroots organization isn't easy either.  Following our May Day S.O.S, over one thousand of you responded to our appeal to raise $150,000 by the end of May.

Five generous Move to Amend supporters have agreed to match every contribution in the next week -- up to $40,000! That's right! The contribution you make now will be doubled. Click here to donate.

Just like somebody has to do the work, somebody has to fund it. Their will be no corporate grants or contributions, and most major shareholders (the 1%) are content with the status quo.

There are more than enough of us to share the costs to keep Move to Amend going strong -- if you pitch in! Click here to double the impact of your contribution.

Move to Amend is the only national grassroots organization fighting to overturn corporate constitutional rights, and the first one to call for overturning Citizens United. We are also the only organization with a strategic plan that spells out how we will win. 

We can't win if we're not standing in solidarity with one another, across oppressions and borders, both real and imagined. We won't be around to win, if we don't raise the remaining $23,137 to meet our $150,000 target.

Our goal is to raise this money and get back to work. Part of that work will be creating a more sustainable funding model -- most of it will be about building a democracy movement that passes the We the People Amendment and goes on to build real democracy. 

We're anxious to get back to our organizing work; help us get back to our organizing work! Contribute today and double your contribution!

Move to Amend has the analysis, the plan, the organization, and the grassroots volunteers. All we need is for you to meet the matching challenge!

Please double down on democracy by doubling the value of your contribution -- this week only. Contribute today and double the impact of your contribution!

In solidarity,

Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap
Move to Amend National Director

P.S. Join me and fellow Move to Amend founder Ms. George Friday for our last webinar on Why the World Needs Move to Amend, today at 12pm Pacific/3pm Eastern. Tune in to hear our case and ask your questions!