Doug Jambard-Sweet - Ohio MTA Coordinating Committee Candidate

March 30, 2016

I formed the Toledo MTA affiliate in January 2012 and since then have facilitated a “Going Green” energy symposium featuring Jill Stein & Harvey Wasserman, organized street demonstrations, and participated in public education events with local peace, labor, and Black Lives Matter activists. The
majority of my efforts over the last three years have involved our citizen’s initiative for Toledo voters to support MTA’s proposed constitutional amendment (Issue 1) on the March 15, 2016 primary ballot. During this effort, our team has gained invaluable experience in the difficult work of building relationships and forming common cause with lawmakers, unions, and key community stakeholders.

I share strongly in the national MTA philosophy that reversal of corporate oligarchy requires a grassroots awakening in the public mind and pledge to continue to align with and act as accomplice to those struggling across the wide spectrum in the fight for social justice. As a member of the state-wide coordinating community, I would extend lessons learned from local MTA organizing to state-wide efforts to expand our affiliate network, strengthen ties with potential allies among faith-based, labor, political, and activist stakeholders at the state level, and work on a strategy for a state-wide ballot initiative.

I, therefore, hereby formally request consideration for nomination to the Ohio Move to Amend Coordinating Committee.