Duluth Area Move To Amend Monthly Meeting

November 21, 2013

Volunteer President, Virg Boehland, will lead the discussion about how we can best get each of our local House of Representatives on record in support of our ':We The People" legislation that mirrors the "We The People" that our  Congressman, and fellow Duluth Area Move To Amend Member, Rick Nolan introduced to the U.S. House of Representatives in the spring of 2014, as his first legislation.

Our Guest Speaker will be:  Congressman Nolan's Duluth Chief of Staff - Jeff Anderson

Also Joining our meeting, will be Congressman Nolan's Legislative Director, and fellow Duluth Area Move To Amend Member, Jim Swiderski.  Jim will be joining us, via Skype, to discuss how we can best support Congressman Nolan's efforts to remove all of the PAC money, the inordinate amount of money that is now required to run a solid campaign.

Local Activist - Tom Starkey,  will share with us how we can best expand our efforts throughout MN and into WI.