From Dystopia to Utopia--It's Definitely Doable

January 19, 2017

It is strange indeed when we begin a week celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. and his life's work--the expansion of democracy--and end the week mourning for our democracy with Inauguration Day and the seventh anniversary of the Citizens United decision. The Campaign to Legalize Democracy has never been more important than it is now.

Spreading our message has never been more important either. We don't have money for advertising, and the mainstream media blacks us out, but we have something more important -- you! We need your assistance this week in gathering signatures on the Motion to Amend petition.

Thankfully, We the People have running through our veins the revolutionary DNA of Patrick Henry and Crispus Attacks, of Harriet Tubman and Susan B. Anthony, of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Walter White, of Winona LaDuke and Chelsea Manning. As true patriots, we are being called on now to ensure that the experiment of American democracy succeeds.

We're not alone. This week has already seen the spirit of Dr. King on full display:

  • The March for Immigrants and Refugees
  • Our First Stand: Save Healthcare Rally and March
  • Writer's Resist Rallies
  • Reclaim Our Schools actions

All of these events were chock full of folks primed to hear our message and sign our petition. Click here to download the petition.

And it's not over. Between Occupy Inauguration and the Women's March on Washingtonhundreds of opportunities exist in communities nationwide to gather petition signatures. In fact so many opportunities exist, we can't list them here.

Please perform an online search to find inauguration events near you. Download the petition and remember as you head out the door, all issues are connected to corporate rule.

For years, Move to Amend has been preparing to meet our enemy, corporate power. We have the tools and analysis to play a pivotal role in building the movement that will face down the complete corporatization of our institutions and the scapegoating of the poor and oppressed.

In order to succeed we must keep growing and that begins with you and the Motion to Amend petition. Over the next couple days, good-hearted people will be rising up in the thousands in hundreds of locations to register their disgust at the corporatization of our country in the form of Donald Trump. 

For their sakes, for our sakes, and for the sake of our democracy, we must get them to sign the Motion to Amend.