Escaping the corporate twilight zone

September 23, 2018

The Trump presidency is like a window into a corporate twilight zone where our own creations and worst insticncts rule us. On the world stage, conflict, lies, cronyism and insatiable greed have overcome the higher ideals and promise of American democracy.

Our role is to ensure this is a temporary setback on the way to creating a real and authentic democracy, which serves every American, regardless of class, color, creed, or gender.

We can't do it without money. We need unsung heroes like you to help us meet our funding goals. Please donate today!

We don’t have a fancy high rent office in DC or a millionaire or a SUPER-PAC backing us. Our small, committed staff and interns do the bulk of Move to Amend’s administration from their home offices all across the country, while our volunteers do the heavy lifting in their communities.

Your contribution helps us keep the metaphorical lights on, but the bulk of your contribution is spent on developing and expanding our programs and grassroots organizingBy donating today, you can help us continue our work fighting for real democracy! 

The number of grassroots volunteers keeps on growing; Pledge to Amend (our campaign to get support from elected officials and folks running for office) is increasing its reach, and our alliances and coalition continue to build strength and solidarity.

All we need are the funds to back up our staff. They work day in and day out in a non-stop effort to connect the dots between corporate rule and building the democracy movement we need to pass the We the People Amendment. Besides particpating with their local affiliates, our staff:

  • Provide organizing guidance, expertise, knowledge and analysis to our grassroots volunteers,
  • Work with government officials to educate them about the We the People Amendment, and
  • Maintain a national communication network and database that not only serves the public but also connects our grassroots organizers to each other.

Help us continue to work toward democracy by donating today.

Move to Amend has a goal, a strategic plan to reach it, dedicated and committed volunteers, and a staff with unlimited potential to serve. To carry out our mission, our plan requires raising the necessary funds from individuals, the same way Bernie Sanders funded his campaign. Thousands of "grassroots" donors have brought us this far, thousands more can push us to victory. 

We neither take our cues from members of Congress, nor do we follow the tune of DC-based organizations content to reform campaign spending without addressing corporate rule.

We believe the people hold the power, and it is our goal to empower folks in an unstoppable democracy movement.

Donate to help Move to Amend reach our goal of a truly democratic government for the U.S., where every single person counts!

Are there other groups working on ending Citizens United?  Sure. But none of them are working to solve the underlying doctrines behind Citizens United: corporate constitutional rights and money as speech while also making the connection to other issues of oppression. 

Your dollars give voice to our message in communities large and small, in council chambers and state houses, in Congress and candidate campaigns. We’re fighting the good fight on many fronts against a powerful force.

Please contribute to Move to Amend's work today.

Together, we will usher out the corporate twilight zone and establish the real American democracy we deserve.