Event: Waslla and Palmer, Monday

November 12, 2018

“We appreciate our allies in this fight against artificial personhood, and the notion that money is “free speech” that is creating a flood of money from everywhere into our election campaigns, and we ask that you broadcast the following information to your members.  Hopefully a few will take up the call and round up a friend or family member out in the valley AND JOIN US.  Your assistance is most important and the sooner the better, as the first event is a week away!  Please respond to our request at anchorage [at] movetoamend.org so we know who was able to get the word out.  You can also call Beverly at 907-244-4987 with any questions.”
In Solidarity,
Beverly Churchill and Members of Move to Amend

Lookup a friend in the valley and head over to one of Move to Amend’s events happening in Wasilla and Palmer.  Monday, November 12 at 6pm there will be a presentation held at the Matsu College, Snodgrass Building, Rm 118.  We Need YOUR HELP to create a successful outreach into the Matsu Valley.  If you are unable to make it then, another event will be held at the Bistro Red Beet in Palmer on Thursday, November 29th at 5pm.  However, seating will be limited at this second event.
We hope to find some valley folks who are willing to start a group out there, and/or who are willing to support our efforts to get our resolution passed by the Matsu Borough Assembly.
While Move to Amend is based in Anchorage, the group would like to see affiliates form across the state.  Churchill will be speaking this coming Monday, November 12, 6pm at the Matsu College, Snodgrass Hall, room 118, and again on Thursday, November 29th at 5pm at the Bistro Red Beet.  Both events are free.