Expanding the MN Base by 10K

January 15, 2017

This announcement kicks off our “Expanding the MN Base by 10K” campaign to double our base in 2017.  Our base is the people who have signed the Move to Amend petition.  So we are reaching out to you; to everyone who reads this asking you to become engaged.

We have petition signers in every house district in our state.  Our “Expand the MN Base by 10K” challenge can be achieved if you can help us.  After all you are the one in your part of the state; many current volunteers are not.  About one-quarter of our base receives email so in order to double we need you to get 4 people in your area to sign the petition. This assumes everyone has read this email and is taking up the challenge.

Are you ready to talk to your friends and community members?  Still thinking about it?  Take the first step -

1) Print the petition form included below and talk about this issue with others.  You will find most people are equally concerned and don’t know what to do.  They are glad to hear that there is an organization doing something about it.

For a bigger challenge -

2) The first fifty people to each submit 50 signatures or more will get a $10 gift certificate of their choice or $10 can be given to the organization of their choice in their name.  This contest ends November 30, 2017.

Now you have gotten others on board, they need to be added to the database and to recognize you for your efforts send the names to Becky Lucas.

3) Email the form to minnesota [at] movetoamend.org or if you prefer you can mail it to -

Becky Lucas
718 Arbogast St
Shoreview, MN 55126

On the way to amending the US Constitution, Move to Amend is putting life back into the dream of a democratic society--by building an unstoppable movement of people committed to the dignity of each and every person.