Fall 2016 Update

August 31, 2016

As our affiliate core group worked on the MTA Education curriculum this summer, our monthly film series was on hold.

In July we completed the curriculum and, with the help of a visit from George Friday of the MTA Leadership team, we created our own Solidarity Organizing Plan ( to be uploaded on this website soon);.

In August we restarted showing films with Michael Moore's "Where to Invade Next".

September 25th we will be showing "First Degree" a film about a prison to education project at Sing Sing.

October 30th we plan to show "The Brainwashing of my Dad"

We continue to meet every Monday 6pm at Gizzi's Coffee Shop 2275 S US1 Delray Beach FL 33428

All films are shown Sunday at 12 noon at the same coffee shop at no charge. Events all all posted on our Facebook page.

we can be reached by email at  delraybeach [at] movetoamend.org