Feb 13 Ohio House Hearing on Move to Amend resolution

February 12, 2018

This just in!

The Ohio House Committee on Federalism and Interstate Relations will hold a hearing tomorrow, February 13, for proponent testimony of H.R. 74 -- a resolution calling on Ohio legislators to support an amendment to the United States Constitution that would abolish corporate personhood and the doctrine of money as speech. The Resolution was introduced last year and sponsored by Rep. Kent Smith (Euclid) and Nickie Antonio (Lakewood).

The hearing will be tomorrow at 4:00 pm in Room 115 of the Ohio Statehouse.

Anyone from the public can offer testimony in support!


1. Testify. Those wishing to offer testimony are asked to fill out a form and submit it with your written sponsor testimony. Please submit your proponent testimony no later than 3:30 PM on Monday, February 12, 2018 to the following e-mail addresses:
Catherine.worrell [at] ohiohouse.gov
Shayna.fritz [at] ohiohouse.gov
Rep08 [at] ohiohouse.gov
Rep37 [at] ohiohouse.gov
The form can be downloaded below.

We know... it's very short notice!

2. Attend. Even if you don't want to testify, show your support by showing up.

3. Call your Ohio Representative. Ask her/him to attend the hearing (even if not on the committee) -- or at the very least to send an aide -- to hear what Move to Amenders in Ohio have to say why we need to abolish corporate personhood and the equally bizarre constitutional doctrine that money is speech. Hear how this constitutional amendment will benefit our society politically, economically, socially, and environmentally.

If unsure who your Ohio Representative is or his/her number, go to http://www.ohiohouse.gov/

Thank you!