First Friday 6/7/19 Petition drive and Meeting on Wed June 19 @7pm

Missoula Petition drive
Montanans Move to Amend
@ Higgins and Broadway
5:30pm First Friday 6-7-19

Who we are…

We are Montana supporters of the nationwide Move to Amend which is calling for the constitutional amendment that will overturn the US Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision.
The amendment will restore Montana’s fair election laws by saying that we can control money and corporations in politics:  “Money is not speech and corporations are not people.”

Help us gather petition signatures

Supporters of the movement to amend are gathering signatures across Montana and nationwide. 
Help us strengthen this grass roots movement by:
joining us on First Fridays at 5:30 to gather petition signatures and on weekends at Farmers Markets
asking friends and family to sign the on-line petition:

Evening meeting: Wednesday June 19 @ 7pm
Missoula Public Library Board Room
301 East Main

Take an active part in ending big money and corporate interference in our elections and policies…
We need people to:

  • Network across Montana
  • Collaborate on forums and actions
  • Lobby our state legislators and Congress
  • Liaison to the groups you take part in
  • Fundraise to send Montanans to Washington DC to the Leadership Summit
  • Take part in national Move to Amend caucuses:  Interfaith, artistic,  and labor
  • Outreach to farm, ranch, and small business owners


Montanans Move to Amend
montana [at]
Sue:  406-240-0610

sign the petition at