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Does Corporate Personhood Violate Your Religion?

Many religions believe that only God/Goddess/The Divine/Spirit can endow a living being with inherent and inalienable rights. Certainly no religion or spiritual practice teaches that artificial entities and inanimate things have inherent and inalienable rights.

All great world religions further recognize that the love of money and power interfere with the observance of our respective values, beliefs, creeds and other “statements of faith or ethics”. The greatest expression of “love of money and power” is found in the national and global actions of large corporations that, possessing court-created constitutional rights as “singular persons” and the parallel court-created access to use “money as speech,” seek to maximize shareholder profit above all other goals. In so doing they cause great damage to society and our planet.

How much more powerful will this movement be when thousands and then millions of us come together in outrage about the violation corporate action causes to our most cherished beliefs, values, principles and doctrines?

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