March 22, 2014

Cleveland Move to Amend Forum Announcement

Join us for our next meeting to end corporate rule on Saturday, March 22 at 1:30 pm, at the Carnegie West Branch of the Cleveland Public Library, 1900 Fulton Rd., between Lorain & Bridge Aves.

Lois Romanoff will give a presentation on the current trend of "Privatizing/Corporatizing Our Public Schools."

Hundreds of for profit & non-profit charter schools have sprung up nationally as well as in Ohio….draining local school districts of tax payer’s education dollars. In Ohio 3 out of 4 of these charters are failing, but our pro-business Governor and Legislature continues to allocate more money to private operators  giving no thought to regulatory over-site. The Cleveland Transformation Plan, which has adopted the Portfolio Strategy, is dramatically changing  the Cleveland Metropolitan School District and is an example of this erosion of our democracy.

Here is what Ken Saltman, DePaul professor, says, in his book, The Failure of Corporate School Reform, 2012, “If corporate school reform is a “success” it will make kids into commodities for investors, pillaging public services in a stalled economy, and exacerbate the already record levels of inequality in wealth and income.  Working-class and poor students have been made into investment opportunities for the richest Americans by being made pawns in the multi-billion dollar industries in contracting, school management, test publishing and database tracking.”

Join us on March 22! We will also continue to discuss how we can approach the Cleveland City Counsel to endorse a Move To Amend resolution. 

More information, Lois Romanoff, loisromanoff [at], or Derek Dissell, derekdissell [at]