Forum presents constitutional issues

September 21, 2012
El Observador, Hilbert Morales

September 17th was celebrated as “Constitution Day” by 35 individuals assembled in front of the Old Court House, in commemoration of September 17, 1776 when the Founding Fathers agreed to the U.S. Constitution 236 years ago.
“It was at this local Historic Court House in San Jose, in 1886 “Corporate Personhood” took root,” said Judy Yound, an MTA advocate.
California Assembly member James T. Beall, addressed the group stating, “California is at the forefront of defining the limitations of corporations. If the present trend continues it will not be long before corporations will define persons as ‘property’. This denigrates what it is to be a natural human being. AB148 was passed in the Assembly, but has not yet passed the State Senate. Many non-profits have names such as “California Senior Advocates” which is funded by liquor and tobacco special interests (per CA Secretary of State Office). These non-profits do not reveal who sponsored those TV ads.
Craig Dunkerly, Area Coordinator, California Clean Money Campaign, addressed the issue of “Why we need state and federal disclosure laws.” California needs to require political ads to disclose monetary support sources.”
Anne Wilson, Santa Clara County Move to Amend, stressed that the above experiences constitute a strong case for adoption of the proposed 28th Amendment which would end corporate personhood.
Over 158,000,000 have signed on-line petitions supporting this 28th Constitutional Amendment at:∆
PUBLISHER: The proposed 28th amendment would establish that “Corporations are not natural persons” who participate in the governance of our nation by voting. Therefore they do not have the “right of free speech” with their money.

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