Free Film Showing: "Legalize Democracy"

February 8, 2014

Free Film Showing
Saturday, February 8 / 1:30 pm
Cleveland Public Library, Fulton Branch
3545 Fulton Road (between Lorain and Bridge avenues)

Move To Amend's new film, "Legalizing Democracy", takes a short look at the history of corporate personhood and domination in America.  Utilizing interviews with a number of national Move To Amend leaders and supporters, as well as historical evidence, to show the multitude of ways that power and money have come together to deny average people basic rights and preserve status. 

"Legalizing Democracy" examines the dovetailing of racism and corporate rights, initially enshrined in the constitution, and then enumerates the history of victories by people's movements, painting a picture that a more just future is possible.  Says MTA leader and former Green Party Presidential candidate David Cobb, "Every one of those movements seemed impossible when they began, and it was only when ordinary people began to get together and have conversations about how the society was organized and what their desires are [that they became possible."

Q&A and discussion to follow film showing

Sponsored by Cleveland Move to Amend

More information: Lois Romanoff, <loisromanoff [at]>, Derek Dissell, <d.dissell [at]>