The Freedom of Oppress

July 16, 2017

Isn't it funny how much America is referred to as "the land of the free" when in truth its average citizen faces multiple forms of oppression?

Not a day goes by where an individual isn't stripped of her or his rights because of corporate greed. The right to speak freely, the right to pursue happiness, access to high-quality health care, and so many other human rights are impeded upon just because they threaten the cash flow to Wall Street's already overflowing pockets.

It's a vicious, seemingly unending cycle, but we have the power to stop it.

Will you consider a gift to Move To Amend to help us get to the Democracy Convention where we will educate hundreds of people on how they can help democratize the Constitution?

There’s no way that the wealthy 1% that our government serves can continue to oppress us if we all stand in solidarity against them. Attending the Democracy Convention in Minneapolis is a crucial piece to attaining a government that works to preserve the freedom and well-being of “We the People.” The conferences and workshops that we will host will impact hundreds.

Since starting this campaign, we’ve raised about $11,500. We still need to raise $13,000 more by next week! Please continue to stand with us and donate today.