Freistatt board endorses Constitutional Amendment

October 26, 2012
Murray Bishoff

The Freistatt Village Board of Trustees became the first southwest Missouri government to formally endorse a U.S. Constitutional amendment stripping corporations of the rights held by individuals.

Trustees voted after reviewing results of a community survey sent to 83 utilities customers. Nearly three-quarters of the people responded, but only half had an opinion about the amendment. Of those, Freistatt residents supported the change by more than two to one.

A resolution of support passed on a unanimous voice voted.

The resolution declared: "The Board of Trustees of the Village of Freistatt will support the Move to Amend campaign to call for an amendment to the United States Constitution to abolish corporate personhood; which establishes that only individual human beings, not corporations, are entitled to inalienable constitutional rights; and that money is not speech, therefore regulating political constitutions and spending is not equivalent to limiting freedom of speech."

Jim Burnett, who brought the proposition to Freistatt for consideration, said only Kansas City has approved a similar measure.

"This is a little piece of history," Burnett said. "I hope this is the start of something good and I hope we can keep it going."

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