Full Oregon House set to take up HJM 6

June 19, 2013

On June 17, 2013 the Oregon House Rules Committee voted unanimously in favor of a "do adopt" recommendation for House Joint Memorial 6.  HJM 6 is the Move to Amend-style resolution calling for the 28th amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

The Memorial does a good job of addressing both corporate constitutional rights and money as speech (campaign spending regulation).  Some softening of the language was required to gain votes from conservatives, but in the end the message is clear.  Read the amended version here.

HJM 6 now goes to the Oregon House floor for a vote, scheduled for this Friday, June 21st.  So, if you are an Oregon resident, please take a few moments to call your representative and ask for their "yes" vote on HJM 6.  To find your legislator's contact information see this link.

If HJM 6 passes the House, it will move to the Oregon Senate for a vote there.  It need not be signed by the governor.

This milestone is the result of many hours of emails, phone calls, hearing testimony and lobby visits in Salem by members of the eight Oregon Move to Amend affiliates and a broad coalition of partners in Oregon including Common Cause, Main Street Alliance, Portland Alliance for Democracy, the Rural Organizing Project, all assembled under the group, Oregonians for Restoring Constitutional Democracy. [ORCD - http://www.oregonrestoresdemocracy.org/]



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