Give the Gift of Amending

December 1, 2015

We talk about a lot about the ill effects of money as speech in politics, and how passing the We the People Amendment will cure that problem. But until then, how we spend our money makes a difference.

As holiday shopping is already starting, billions of dollars are on the table. How can we spend our money in ways that bolster “We the People” instead of trans-national corporations?

It is virtually impossible to avoid transferring your money to big corporations, mostly because America doesn’t produce as much as we used to. But with a little effort, you can assure that more of your hard earned dollars end up on with the 99%. And we’re here to help!

The Move to Amend Store offers a selection of books for the hard-core activists on your list or for those new to the democracy movement.

Check out our “Made in the USA,” 100% cotton t-shirts and hoodies--great gifts for people of all ages.

Get your stamps in time for some holiday fun. Stamping bills for tips and charitable giving is a great exercise for kids!

When you purchase through the Move to Amend store, you’re supporting the important and necessary work we do while checking items off your holiday shopping list. Please order today, before the holiday rush!

In the spirit of the season and for the sake of our democracy, if we don’t have what you’re looking for, it’s worth the money and time saved to support your local businesses.

We’re hoping that our selection of books, tees, DVDs and stamps will fill some of your needs, and that you’ll support Move to Amend by purchasing items through the Move to Amend store.