A Great Example of Outreach and Education Through Tabling

April 23, 2013

Andrea Rea, a retired Special education and ESL teacher, single handedly held a successful tabling event at the Citrus county fair in Inverness, Florida. She is passionate about ending corporate personhood and decided to reach out to the people.

After a quick visit to the county fair office, Andrea reserved a 10 by 10 spot right in the middle of the fair to ensure high visibility. Her strategy was fruitful and her advice to people interested in tabling is to “focus on location, location, location!” It is essential to find a location or an event that already draws a large crowd.

Andrea’s goal was to raise awareness and educate people about Move to Amend. She debated whether to have a donation jar or not because she had already made the decision not to sell anything and wanted to give it away instead. All the materials she had ordered from Move to Amend were spread out on the table in front of her.

She also had Move to Amend’s petition there for people to sign up if interested. She was in great spirits throughout the event and distributed flags, posters, post card flags, bumper stickers and decal flags to all passersby. Andrea’s “million” dollar bills stamped with “Not To Be Used for Bribing Politicians” were popular with the crowd as well and motivated people to stamp their own money.

Move to Amend pamphlets including the wording of the constitutional amendment made it possible to quickly inform people about the goals of this grass roots movement. Andrea mentioned that it is important to know the audience before setting up any tabling event. Most folks at the Gainesville fair were not aware about the movement to end corporate personhood, but were eager to sign the petition after becoming informed. People couldn't resist the urge to learn more as Andrea lured them in with "Have you heard about the newly proposed amendment to the constitution?"

She took full advantage of their attention to share some important statistics: The fact that six towns in Florida have already endorsed the amendment hit home with Gainesville residents. Andrea also showed some short videos to educate viewers about why a constitutional amendment is needed. The crowd was really receptive and petition signers included Republicans, Democrats, Greens, and Independents.

Andrea is thrilled that in her retirement she can follow her heart and believes that activists must pursue their passions in a way that is fun for them and not too stressful. She used this tabling opportunity at the Gainesville County Fair to connect with other clubs present at the event. She enjoyed stopping by the Democratic Party booth along with those belonging to numerous other organizations. After Florida, Andrea loaded her backpack with Move to Amend goodies and did some tabling in Washington, DC. She plans on tabling and raising awareness at various events in the future. Thanks Andrea for your awesome support and being part of the Move to Amend Coalition!