Great Mass Petition Day on Saturday!

May 22, 2016

More than 700 signatures were collected by 36 petitioners on Saturday at our Mass Petition Day! Move to Amend activists from Toledo, Brecksville, Mentor, Cleveland Heights, Kent, Lakewood and Tallmadge joined many Clevelanders and fan out across town to collect signatures at festivals, bus stops, stores, business districts, and door-to-door – despite the cool, cloudy and occasional rainy conditions. 
Total turned in signatures is now 4967! Hurrah! We need 5000 valid signatures. Our goal is at least 7500 by early July (since many collected will not be considered valid).
We know many of you have some collected signatures but have not turned them in yet – still circulating them in your circles. That’s fine. There will also be more mass petitioning opportunities (festivals, fairs, etc.) coming up.
We’d like to know where we stand right now. Please email the number of signatures you’re collected to date to Cleveland [at]
Thank you for ALL your help thusfar! We are doing it the hard way – all volunteer. But it’s the most democratic way – one signature at a time by people who care. We are getting close but have a ways to go. Keep it up! 
Thank you again for your help!!
p.s. Again, please email the number of signatures you’re collected to date to Cleveland [at]
p.p.s. If you need help with your petition we are here to help. We will local have volunteers throughout Cleveland on Saturday, June 4th at 12pm to meet up with you. More details soon! If you're not sure where to go petition, check out our list of locations on our homepage.