Great turnout for first Statewide Call June 26: next on July 24

July 10, 2018

Good turnout for the First Statewide Call !

Montanans Move to Amend

Thanks to all who took part in the first statewide call for Montanans Move to Amend!
Join us Tuesday July 24th at 6:30pm (and every 4th Tuesday).
Just dial in (directions at the end) to take part or just listen each month…It’s free!

Great ideas coming up: 

* August 10 Dark Money documentary live showings with the director in Helena, Bozeman, and Billing (and on PBS TV in the Fall)
* Pearl Jam festival in Missoula
* Candidate lobbying logistics in the July 24th Tuesday call,

Montanans Move to Amend
June 26, 2018 at 6:30pm
Statewide call Minutes



  • Helena/Polson:  Thai Nguyen.  Hamilton:  Jacquie Coppage.  Superior:  Diane Magone.  Missoula:  Mary Borchard, Joe Loos, Linda Gillison, and Sue Kirchmyer

  • Future interested people:  from Helena, Bozeman and Great Falls.

Next statewide call:  4th Tuesdays:  July 24 at 6:30 pm.  Anticipating: 4th Tuesday of every month


  • Liaisons from each area:
  • If you can’t attend, find another person to take part, please.
  • Feedback, agenda topics, and questions:  call or text:  Sue:  406-240-0610 or email    suek [at]


Statewide issues: 

Support for people beginning their own MTA work group:  “What do you need?”

  • Jacquie and Diane would like to call people from their areas who signed the Move to Amend petition and are on the national Move to Amend website.


  • Sue and Linda will get the names and contact information.
  • They’ll ask the national staff about access to the website petition signers for other people in Montanans Move to Amend.  There are 1327 signatures on the Montana list.

Local issues: 

Events and issues in your areas


  • Mary suggested working with the Immigrant Justice movement at their events.
  • Jacquie recommended meeting with local community service groups to learn about their perspectives on money in politics and explain why the Move to Amend amendment is important to support.
  • Linda is finding out more about the Pearl Jam festival from 3-8pm before their concert in Missoula on August 13.  Montanans Move to Amend will ask if we can table and collect petition signatures; if so, we’ll ask for volunteers to help. 


  • Linda now has a contact with Pearl Jam and is waiting for a response. 
  • Dark Money documentary: Showings are August 10 in Helena, Billings, and Bozeman which will be great places to leaflet and gather signatures.  There’s information in the June newsletter.  Let Sue know (240-0610) if you didn’t get a newsletter or if you want to know more.  

Petition signature gathering

  • Discussed that petitions signatures help Move to Amend develop a base of support for the national effort and helps Montanans Move to Amend meet potential local members. 
  • Mary, Diane, and Thai brought up the importance of face to face opportunities to explain the issues, for example by meeting people downtown or at Farmer’s Markets and the Fair

Talking to candidates and office holders: Lobbying at local, state, and national levels

  •   The group is interested in attending candidate forums and events


  • We’ll address how to find schedules at the next statewide call on July 24.

National Issues:


  • Discussed the importance of sustaining members who can give automatic monthly donations at whatever amount they can afford.  They’re exploring how to share with local affiliates.

Leadership Summit report by Linda and Diane:

  • workshops were great: attended fundraising and recruiting/engaging volunteers, solidarity, and lobbying. 
  • They met people from other MTA affiliates and from national organizations who collaborate with Move to Amend. 
  • Lobby Day at the US Congress was good experience. 


  • Linda and Diane are following up with Montana Senators and Representative. 


  • Next call will be Tuesday July 24 at 6:30pm.

  • Put 4th Tuesday at 6:30 on your calendars. 

  • Please help us make the calls relevant to your interests and needs.

  • Please contact Sue (406-240-0610 text or call)  to add ideas for the agenda.  You can also add them during the call.

How to join the call on July 24 at 6:30pm:  

1.  Call 1-712-451-11782.  

2.  enter the call identifier:  486899

3.  Introduce yourself and where you’re from

4.  Whenever you are not speaking, please put your phone on “mute” (to reduce background noise). 
5.  When you want to speak, please “unmute” your phone and let the moderator know what you want to address.  Then he or she will call on you in order.
( PIN 3192   
questions:  24/7:  844-844-1322)