Greater Northwest Ohio AFL-CIO

We are genuinely thrilled to have the Greater Northwest Ohio AFL-CIO’s endorsement of our ballot initiative. Your support is now an important linchpin in our efforts to bring other endorsements as we build momentum toward the March 15, 2016 election.

For more than 16 months, Toledo Move to Amend volunteers collected over 11,000 signatures in support of a citizens’ ballot initiative and our efforts have paid off with a ballot issue for Toledo voters to support a constitutional amendment establishing that:  corporations do not have the constitutional rights of natural persons, and money is not speech.

Voting yes on this ballot issue will also create an annual public forum hosted by the City for public discussion of money in politics and corporate rule over our democracy. If we succeed, this will be a significant step forward since Toledo will become the first major city in Ohio to call for an end to all corporate constitutional rights. 

We are on common ground with Greater Northwest Ohio AFL-CIO in knowing that workers and the middle class have the most to lose when massive undisclosed corporate funding buys off candidates and elections.  We stand together, united against the tyranny of vast wealth influencing the democratic process and look forward to engaging the voters in the coming months.

Toledo , OH
Supporting Endorsement