Greening up the Mountain: Occupy WNC Takes MTA message to Annual Spring Festival

April 27, 2012

Spring in Western NC is welcomed by crowds from surrounding counties of up to 10,000. People come to enjoy presentations by a multitude of area organizations and artisans. Our tent displayed anti-corporate posters, and twice -- in the middle of Main Street -- the skit "A Corporate Person- Globo Corps" was presented. Directed by Allen, the Occupy actors portrayed: a Supreme Court Justice, Attorney Stein, a Global Corporate Building (constructed by Mary), and other actors. Onlookers were both amused and educated.

Except during the skit, we were all attired in Robin Hood's Merry Men and Maid costumes (fashioned by Madeleine, Allen and Geraldine). We served up Joan's creative idea of homemade mini-OccuPIES and MTA literature to all who stopped to sign the petition Corporations are not People; Money is not Speech. Greening Up the Mountain was a perfect opportunity to engage people personally and to answer questions they had about MTA literature, petitions, corporations and our skit.




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