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Oak Park Response to "Citizens United" on Tuesday Ballot

November 6, 2012

Ever since the U.S. Supreme Court removed virtually all restrictions on corporate money in politics, groups around the country have been attempting to overturn the results of "Citizens United."

Now communities such as Oak Park are giving residents a voice on whether that should happen.

Oak Park Township has placed an advisory referendum on Tuesday's ballot asking voters for governments on all levels to consider a constitutional amendment regulating political funding of campaigns.

Group’s Campaign Prompts Elgin Policy Discussion

October 10, 2012

The city of Elgin is considering a formal policy discouraging public requests for proclamations that are political or “highly controversial.”

Members of Fox Valley Citizens for Peace and Justice and Kane County Move to Amend have spoken during council meetings in recent months urging the group to pass a resolution in support of an amendment to the United States Constitution. The amendment would limit the use of corporate, special interest and private money in politics, including elections.

Kane County group has two weeks to get 6,000 signatures

July 20, 2012

A dedicated group rushing to gather enough signatures to get an advisory public question on the Kane County ballot by Aug. 6 is hopeful but aware success might be a long shot.

The group is asking Kane County residents to put a question on the ballot asking voters if they think the U.S. Constitution should be amended to limit the use of corporate, special interest and private money from any political activity, including elections.

Naperville won’t amend constitution to fight Supreme Court ruling

June 6, 2012

Don’t expect to see Naperville City Council members lobbying Washington, D.C. for a constitutional amendment any time soon.

The local Move to Amend chapter appeared before the council Tuesday for the second time. And for the second time, their pleas were either rebuffed or fell on deaf ears.

The group is hoping the city will adopt a resolution supporting a constitutional amendment to abolish “corporate personhood” and the doctrine of “money as speech.”