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I-735 Ramping Up

September 22, 2016

I-735 Ramping Up Before Ballots Go Out, plus Ben Cohen (Ben and Jerry’s), Jeff Clements (American Promise), & David Cobb (Move to Amend), Visit Washington State in Support.

'Only human beings have constitutional rights;' Q&A with Move to Amend's David Cobb

August 14, 2015

David Cobb, a Texas lawyer and activist who ran on the Green Party line for president in 2004, says the only way to get the unprecedented about of money out of politics is a constitutional amendment that spells out out that money is not speech and corporations aren’t people. 

Cobb, a national spokesperson for the Move to Amend campaign, will be speaking in Spokane on Tuesday. He spoke with the Inlander about how the time is ripe for change, how Donald Trump’s rise signals positive developments for American politics, where Bernie Sanders falls short and why he’s optimistic about his seemingly quixotic goal. 

Prominent Opponent of “Citizens United” Coming to Speak on Bainbridge

August 13, 2015

David Cobb is a co-founder of Move to Amend, a leading organization on the front against the U.S. Supreme Court’s “Citizens United” ruling. Cobb is coming to Bainbridge Monday, August 17, to raise support for Washington Initiative 735, which seeks to make Washington the 17th state to support a constitutional amendment to overturn the Supreme Court ruling.

State Initiative Campaign to Reverse Citizens United Begins

May 13, 2015

I-735 calls for a constitutional amendment limiting money in election campaigns

April 25, 2015 was the official launch date for WAMEND’s I-735. This Initiative would make Washington State the 17th state to call for overturning the recent Supreme Court decisions that allow corporations, billionaires and other “artificial legal entities” to spend unlimited sums of money on political campaigns.

WAMEND is an organization of Washingtonians working, as volunteers, to bring back “government of the people, by the people, and for the people”.

Putting Corporations In Their Place

May 7, 2014

In the aftermath of the Civil War, the U.S. Constitution was amended to clarify that people could not be property. No one thought to clarify that the opposite was true, that property could not also be people; yet for 150 years that concept has been expanded upon, even hijacked, imbuing corporations with the powers and rights once considered bestowed only to the children of a divine Creator......(read more)

Whidbey McCutcheon Protest Coverage

April 8, 2014

Island County Citizens Ignited and supporters of WA Ballot Initiative I-1329 protested the McCutcheon decision and got front-page coverage in the Whidbey News-Times. Join our I-1329 team collecting signatures to get amendment vote on the WA November ballot! contact Kim Jordan i.1329.geoe [at] gmail.com