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Letter to Editor

March 6, 2019


I think we can all agree that our elections must be open to all qualified registered voters, free from tampering from any source, and free from the influence of dark money. What can we, as ordinary citizens, do to prevent the corruption by mega-corporations and international players who have a self-serving ulterior motive to influence the outcome of our elections?

Dialogue Over Parade Incident Continues

July 13, 2017

Press coverage continues in the aftermath of an unfortunate event wherein Prescott Area Move To Amend was ousted from the local Fourth of July parade.  Our local affiliate was stunned when we were ejected from the parade at the last minute.  So we wrote the editor, and that was published (see next article below this one to read that letter).  The editor wrote a reply a couple days later in which he/she acknowledged the importance of the Move To Amend cause.  So, we thought that was that.

Prescott AZ Affiliate Censored by Parade Official

July 5, 2017

Below is the letter to the Editor of The Daily Courier, Prescott, Arizona, published July 4, 2017.

Be sure to click on the video link at the end to see the real deal. 

Dear Editor:

We of Prescott Area Move To Amend were thrilled to be approved for entry in the 2017 Prescott Frontier Days parade. So we were very disappointed when banned from the parade just a few minutes before the parade began.

Local students, volunteers rally to pass 28th amendment

January 23, 2012

Drivers honked their horns as they recognized a group of students and locals waving signs vying for legislative change on January 21st, outside the Coconino County Courthouse.

Flagstaff Citizens Against Citizens United (FCACU), a group pushing to reverse the 2010 Supreme Court case that ruled corporations are people and money is protected speech under the Constitution, coordinated a rally to raise awareness about the issue at hand.

Tucson demonstrators participate in Occupy The Courts

January 20, 2012

TUCSON, AZ (KOLD) - The Occupy Movement turned its focus to the nation's highest court, gathering outside the Supreme Court building in Washington, Friday..

The event was being held near the two-year anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court decision in the case of Citizens United versus the Federal Election Commission.

The Occupy Movement in Tucson participated in the national demonstration.

Protesters gathered at the federal courthouse downtown.