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Lincoln City Council: Money is not speech

August 15, 2012

First it was the Occupy Lincoln participants urging the City Council to get on the bandwagon for a U.S. constitutional amendment that would allow government to have some control over campaign donations and spending.

Code words were: “Corporations aren’t people. Money isn’t speech.”

This week, a leader of a national coalition, Move to Amend, brought a similar message to the council.

Sitting quietly in the audience Monday was Jack Gould, a volunteer with Nebraska Common Cause.

Gould understands the local and state political process.

Lincoln City Council urged to support money is not speech constitutional amendment

August 13, 2012

The City Council’s open mike session, where citizens get their chance to talk, took as long as the regular council meeting Monday as 10 people urged the council to support a U.S. constitutional amendment allowing government to regulate campaign contributions and spending.

Move to Amend, a national coalition, is calling for a constitutional amendment to "abolish the court-created idea that money equals speech and that corporations have constitutional rights," said David Cobb, a public interest attorney with the coalition.