Ohio Announcements

4th of July Parade

Fighting corporate tyranny since 1776!
July 4, 2018

Greater Dayton Move to Amend celebrated the 4th of July in Troy, Ohio by joining their community parade! There was a receptive crowd all along the parade route, and we thank the people of Troy for their warm reception.

National MTA Conference

Don and Cathy Finn attending the National MTA Conference in DC June 8-11, 2018
June 8, 2018

National Move to Amend Conference June 8-11 in Washington DC - A thrill! Meeting with Ohio Affiliate members, learning new techniques for engagement, working side-by-side with MTA staff and hearing from deeply committed and forward-thinking speakers from government, academia, media and grassroots movements was energizing and a lot to take in.

Outreach to Senator Sherrod Brown

March 23, 2018

Senator Sherrod Brown’s Cleveland office aide, Beth Thames, met with several members of Greater Akron MTA in late March to discuss the need for the We the People Amendment to the US Constitution.  We also discussed the rising costs (in time and money) of political campaigns, the public distrust of big money government, and why Move to Amend’s tw