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Fourth of July Like You’ve Never Seen It Before!

June 27, 2017

Clearly, there are reasons to ask what the Founders of Our Country were up to and what our fireworks every Fourth of July about.

But this year, let’s investigate further: was war the only or even the best way to achieve what we now see was more limited than what we were taught?

Who better to proffer that question than the people’s historian, Howard Zinn?


Greg Coleridge - Activist, Move To Amend

July 19, 2017

"The problem isn't that the government is broken," Greg Coleridge says, whipping out one of many activist slogans he's been repeating so long they're inextricably threaded into the fabric of his speech. "It's that it's fixed."  

"Fixed as in rigged," he says, leaning in, making sure the message is clear. Coleridge's central issue is corporate power and the insidious effects of money in politics. He is a man who has known that corporations aren't people since long before Citizens United.

South Euclid meeting backs movement stating corporations are not people

May 11, 2017

SOUTH EUCLID, Ohio -- About 60 people turned out at city hall Tuesday for South Euclid's first-ever Democracy Day, in which attendees were encouraged to speak about the influence of corporations on the rights of U.S. citizens.

In November, 2016, 77 percent of South Euclid voters favored a charter amendment backing the stance of the non-partisan national organization Move to Amend that the U.S. Supreme Court erred in its 2010 Citizens United ruling that established that corporations are entitled to constitutional rights that individuals enjoy.

Cleveland citizens decry impact of Citizens United case at first Democracy Day hearing

May 10, 2017

Hearing prompts calls to curb corporate campaign influence

CLEVELAND, Ohio - A crowd filled City Council's hearing room Monday to condemn the level of influence corporations can wield over politicians via contributions to political campaigns.  

The problem, they said, exists at a national level with contributions from industry giants in areas such as healthcare and banking and at a local level with contributions from businesses such as restaurants and taverns. 

Citizens hold power in democracy

May 4, 2017

Letter to the Editor:

Are Ohioans to be punished for behaving like actual citizens? The first three words of the U.S. Constitution are "We the People" – not "we the judges," "we the corporations," or "we the elected officials." In a monarchy, the monarch is sovereign. In a democratic republic, citizens hold the sovereign power. We'd better start acting like it.

Voters understood issue

February 19, 2017

The small turnout at the second Democracy Day event on Feb. 9 might indicate that the 1,807 Defiance citizens who passed the ballot measure by 67 percent in 2013 were ill-advised or did not understand the issue. I believe they understood it perfectly. Currently in the state of Ohio 10 ballot initiatives have been passed in Ohio communities, including Toledo’s passage by 64 percent in 2016.