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Article from The Daily Universe

July 10, 2012

A movement supporting a new constitutional amendment is gaining steam as citizens gather nationwide to redefine corporations as groups, not individuals.

The proposed amendment is in response to Citizens United v. FEC. In this case the Supreme Court ruled, in a 5-4 decision, corporations have the same right to political speech as individuals. The result is big business asserting their political agendas through Super PACs.

Writers on the Range: If corporations are people, what are they really like?

June 3, 2012

ExxonMobil spits out a gob of chewing-tobacco juice and taps a baseball bat against the cleats of its shoes, knocking off the dirt clods. Then "Exx 'Em" — as the fans like to call their slugger — steps into the batter's box and slams the first pitch over the center-field wall of Dodger Stadium.

Meanwhile, Victoria's Secret — who likes to be called Vikki — is elbow-deep in stinky compost in a Denver garden, preparing to plant zucchinis, while Yahoo sits alone in a Seattle park, getting high on marijuana to avoid thinking about how it lost so much market share to Google.

Group seeks Salt Lake City ballot initiative to curb corporate power

February 14, 2012

Utah activists have climbed onboard a national movement to curb the powerful influence of corporate cash on U.S. politics and the nation’s democracy.

The Move to Amend Campaign’s aim is to pass ballot initiatives in 50 cities across the country, Salt Lake City included, that endorse a constitutional amendment to abolish so-called corporate personhood, a phrase that dates back to the 1800s and refers to corporations having many of the same rights as people under the law.

Group works to ready ballot initiative to curb corporations

April 3, 2012

Move to Amend Salt Lake, a group seeking to get a citywide initiative on November’s ballot as part of a national effort to curb corporate power, hit a snag late Thursday and might not have petitions to sign until the end of the month.

Volunteers must gather 7,141 valid voter signatures by the April 15 deadline, and Move to Amend Salt Lake organizer Ashley Sanders voiced frustration over continued delays from the City Recorders Office.