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Santa Monica City Council Challenges Election Contributions

April 2, 2012

Corporations will continue to argue they are extensions of people and are therefore entitled to similar legal protections, but the City of Santa Monica resolved at City Council’s Tuesday meeting to limit the rights of big business in public campaigns.

The resolution now pits Santa Monica in a larger campaign against the Supreme Court, which in 2010, ruled corporations were not to be limited in the amount of money they expend in public elections.

The 6-0 vote by the council members means that City Hall is taking a stand on how much corporate money influences an election.

Corporate Campaign Fundraising Picks Up Speed

August 11, 2010

In an August 2 Los Angeles Times story, writer Tom Hamburger from the Times Washington Bureau reports that business and conservative groups are preparing to spend significant sums of money to defeat Democrats in the upcoming midterm elections.  Recent rulings by the Supreme Court allow unlimited spending by corporations and unions for some electioneering activities.