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Grassroots efforts needed to stop treaty

August 14, 2016

All due respect to volunteers recruited to work this season, election campaigns are the parties of democracy. The much-longer movement-building is what it takes to have a functioning democracy; that’s hard work. Hard work, but vital if it is democracy we want and not the illusion we live under.

The election of candidates is not a gift to them to do with as they please; it is an assignment to them to do what constituents tell them to do for the common good. In a functioning democracy the voters must assume the role of the strict teacher, with a pointer.

It May Be Time for Drastic Action to Stem the Tide of Campaign Cash

August 30, 2012

"We have the best Congress money can buy," humorist Will Rogers quipped in the 1930s. More recent comedians have suggested that politicians wear NASCAR-like jumpsuits so citizens can see the logos of all of their sponsors.

Trouble is, the joke is no longer funny. Many of us think special-interest money and the corruption it creates are threatening the very future of American democracy.