Have Fun At The Fair While You Amend The Constitution!

July 16, 2018

If you're part of our core group of most dedicated volunteers, you may already have received a request for help at the Fair. We only have 1/3 of our shifts filled so far, so you might want to consider helping with more than one shift.

Dear Amenders,

Move To Amend will have a booth at the Nevada County Fair from Wednesday August 8 to Sunday August 12. But this year will be different! No more heat. No more dust. No more political parties all around us. This year our booth will be next to the Peace Center in the Main Street Center building. We'll be right by the main entrance to the Fair. We'll be air-conditioned. We may even be near the VitaMix booth. Now we can concentrate on passing the 28th Amendment to the US Constitution without all the distractions we've faced in the past.

We're hoping to enlist two people for each of four 3-hour shifts each day. We'll provide you with an entry ticket to the Fair and will  have a training session a week before. If you're new at this you'll always be paired with an experienced volunteer. Our spread-sheet isn't working quite right but here are the people who have volunteered so far--in case you want to find or avoid a particular person

Wednesday August 8

10-1 Charly Price     Lorraine Reich
1-4   Leah Schwinn   Iris Ross
4-7   Anita Wald-Tuttle?   Rick Robins
7-10 Jacqueline Maxine

Thursday August 9
4-7    Rick Robins

Friday August 10
1-4   Bob Packard
4-7   Eric Tomb

Saturday August 11
4-7   Marianne Barisonek
7-10 Michael Blankston

Sunday August 12
1-4  Sally Smith