Hello Is Anybody Out There?

May 5, 2018

Wall St. has recovered.

"Hooray, hooray," say the media pundits, telling us we're doing better than ever as incidents of violent hate crime rise against a backdrop of thinly veiled hate speech, spewing from the U.S. president. Stuff like that doesn't really matter to financial corporations or their officers and major stockholders. The only thing that matters to them is making more and more money, every single quarter. Presto! Income inequality drives scapegoating.

Like many of you, Move to Amend feels the impact of income inequality. We are funded through individual contributions -- from our supporters -- but we've always been able to reach our funding goals, thanks to those people who dug deep for democracy and donated to Move to Amend. 

We've hit a financial brick wall. We need to raise $150,000 by the end of May to stay in business. 

If you can dig deep and contribute $100.00, please click here. If you dig deep and find that you can contribute $10.00, click hereNo amount is too small; we only ask that you dig deep.

Before Move to Amend became Move to Amend, it was nothing more than a small group of democratically minded people in somebody's living room, who decided on the eve of the Citizens United decision, that they had had enough. It was time to move beyond corporate rule and amend the Constitution, so We the People could actually build the democracy we were promised in school. 

No one believed Move to Amend had a chance; we were told we were nuts and doomed to fail. We didn't believe them 8 years ago, and we don't believe them now, because we have met with success on almost every level. Since our inception, our members and supporters have taken the opportunity to invest in Move to Amend to the tune of over $2 million dollars. That money has been well spent:

  • The We the People Amendment has been introduced in the House for the third session in a row, with both Democratic and Republican support, keeping pace with our sponsorship goals.
  • We have established local affiliate groups all over the country who are responsible for passing over 700 resolutions and ballot initiatives.
  • Our required Movement Education Program (for affiliate leaders) provides education around the untold history of movements and how racism and oppression work to divide We the People. It provides our organizers with the insights necessary to effectively organize across differences, especially in these hate-filled times.
  • The Pledge to Amend campaign reaches out to new candidates and incumbents, at all levels of government, to secure their support for the We the People Amendment. Today's County Clerk is tomorrow's member of Congress.
  • Our constantly updated website, social media, and database provide new visitors, old hands, and our affiliates with the comprehensive information and tools needed to be effective successful organizers.

Sounds like our founding members weren't all that nuts. Please contribute here.

It is not unusual for organizations to meet with a financial squeeze when they gear up for the next phase of growth. Move to Amend has been gearing up for the past several years, which culminated in 2016 with a written Strategic Plan for passing the We the People Amendment, and real measured success. We recognized early on that there would be blowback as we became more successful, but as to how that blowback would present itself and the impact it would have on our fundraising was only conjecture.  

Since Citizens United, all that additional unlimited corporate money spent on elections has helped deliver to us Hurricane Trump and a river of deregulation for Wall St. and other major corporations. In the wake of this torrent, Move to Amend has hit the wall, financially.

Who could have predicted that We the People would become so comfortably numb to rampant corruption that we would elect a president who is a foul-mouthed, cheating sexual predator, a cowardly draft-dodger, an unethical business man, a liar and wannabe golf pro, a bombastic TV personality, a walking corporation, and so thoroughly unqualified that he makes Michael Kelso look like a viable candidate?  

There's no doubt, Trump and his brand of politics must be resisted, but this resistance is draining the pool from which our funding flows. But without a vision of an alternative future and a plan to get there, resistance is futile. Move to Amend is in position to deliver on the promise of democracy. We have the tools, know-how, success record, and commitment to express a vision, motivate others to join in, rise up, and participate in changing the course of our nation. 

All we lack is funding.

Real democracy is a collective effort. Ours has always been a collective effort, too. We seek and share advice, experiences, tools and resources because we either win together or lose together. Unfortunately, only about ten percent the people getting this email currently donate to Move to Amend. This 10% are the ones who have kept Move to Amend viable; without them the staff who serve our affiliates, the website and database, the free tools and resources we provide would not exist. Move to Amend would not exist.

If you have never given before, now is the time to step up and invest in a shared democratic future. Help secure Move to Amend's financial viability, so we can continue doing the work that really matters in the long run and that we do so well. Our goal is $150,000 by the end of May, please dig deep and contribute here.

If you have given before, there are few words that can express our gratitude and respect. You are heroines and heroes in our eyes; you keep the lights on, computers humming, and our motor running. There simply would be no Move to Amend without you. You've already done your part, but it really is going to take us all to get over this financial wall. Please consider making another contribution now.

Move to Amend is keenly aware that many of our members suffered major losses as a result of the 2008 crash. Many others just can't get a toehold in this economy, which punishes students with huge debt, workers with low wages & reduced benefits, the poor with prison, and rewards the 1% with extreme wealth and all its advantages. Although it may mean sacrifcing that little earned extra, just about everybody can afford a monthly $10 contribution if it means alleviating income inequality, persistent poverty, terminal war, and institutionalized oppression—the products of corporate rule. Become a sustaining donor here

Garrett, when Move to Amend succeeds, you'll be better off, so will your friends and family. We're asking you to help share the financial burden of ensuring Move to Amend's future and the work we do to pass the We the People Amendment and build real transformative democracy. Your family and your community will benefit from our success; please invest in Move to Amend -- now. Contribute here.

For democracy and Move to Amend, it's a life-threatening emergency. Money can solve Move to Amend's problem, and Move to Amend —w ith your help -- can solve the problem with our government.

We need to raise $150,000 by the end of May to stay in business. Please dig deep and contribute now!