Help Bring Move To Amend to Your Community in Texas!

January 6, 2018


Move to Amend is Barnstorming across the South in February and we need your help!

Greg Coleridge, Move to Amend National Outreach Director, will be speaking on a “Barnstorm Tour” in Texas between Feburary 15 and 21 to engage interested individuals on how they can work to abolish corporate rule and establish a government of, by, and for the people by connecting to the Move to Amend campaign.

Move to Amend is a partnership of over 444,000 people and hundreds of organizations whose goal is to amend the U.S. Constitution to end corporate personhood and money as protected speech.

Greg's presentation and followup discussion will focus on the topic: “Challenging Corporate Rule and Creating Democracy”

Given the ever-expanding blatant display of political influence by corporations and the super wealthy on legislative proposals (including the recently passed Congressional tax bill), regulatory changes and executive decrees, it's more than timely to not only resist what is happening, but powerfully promote a fundamental alternative that will move us toward justice, peace, and sustainability via real democracy/self-determination -- i.e. the Move to Amend We the People Amendment

All Barnstorming Tour speaking events are free and open to the public. These talks are made possible due to the generous donations of event attendees.

Available open dates are:

Thursday, February 15
Friday, February 16
Saturday, February 17 - 
Sunday, February 18
Monday, February 19
Tuesday, February 20
Wednesday, February 21

Communities of particular interest in making a Barnstorming Tour stop include Dallas, Austin, San Antonio and Houston — but we're certainly open to others!

We have media resources and other support materials to help you. Click here for details about what is needed to be a Move to Amend Community Event Organizer -- however, be aware that we're here to help as much as we can from afar!

If you're interested in helping organize and plan an event in your area, please contact barnstorming [at] or (916) 318-8040.

If you're unable to pitch in beforehand, please forward this message to other active individuals and organizations who may be able to help us out. Thank you!

In Solidarity,

Jessica Munger
Barnstorm Team