Here we are in election season again | Christensen

September 8, 2014

Voice of the People, Watertown Daily Times

Here we are in election season again. Ads from special interest groups are already hitting the airwaves and phones are starting to ring.

Over the last 127 years, our Supreme Court has slowly given Constitutional rights to corporations. They have ruled that corporations are people, political money is equivalent to speech, and that advertising is free speech. Now corporations, unions, and other similar associations have the right to unregulated political spending. Their financial leverage is felt through campaign propaganda smearing their opponent’s political ideology.

The only sure way to correct this situation is to amend the Constitution, which has been done 27 times before. Move To Amend is a non-partisan grassroots movement working to establish a Constitutional Amendment stating “Corporations are not people and money is not speech.” This movement is supported by people with a broad spectrum of political views, Republican, Democrat, Independent, Libertarian, liberal or conservative.

Watertown has the opportunity to learn more about Move to Amend. Tuesday, Sept 16 @ 7:00 pm at the Watertown Senior & Community Center where Greg David and Rick Brunton will present “A Non-Partisan Effort to Fight for Government by the People, Not the Highest Bidder”.

Please attend to find out how you can bring our democratic process back into the hands of the people, not the highest bidder. American citizens should be able to be a part of the process, but no one should own our elected officials.

To find out more about Move to Amend in Wisconsin at

Signed Meri Christensen

Watertown, Wisconsin




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