Hooray! It's Constitution Day!

September 7, 2017

When is Constitution Day?

It commemorates the ratification of our current Constitution back on September 17, 1787, and all those who have become American citizens. It was known as Citizenship Day until 2004 and is observed every September.

Why are we so excited about Constitution Day?

Because, it gives us an opportunity to talk about our issue -- corporate constitutional rights and our broken democracy -- with an audience still developing their political views. With the change in name of the holiday came the mandate for schools to teach about the Constitution and U.S. citizenship, using curriculum specific to it, on or about September 14. Move to Amend views this as a great opportunity, and has resources and materials for our affiliates and individuals who wish to present a short program to students in high school and college.

Learn about Move to Amend's Constitution Day curriculum. 

What do we hope to accomplish?

We want authentic, participatory democracy. Analysis of the Constitution reveals an undemocratic document that primarily protects property rights over We the People. But that analysis does not embody the feeling--or the spirit--of the rank and file revolutionaries who actually were fighting for freedom and self-determination.

Understanding that our Constitution was written by flawed, rich, white men with an agenda, who in large part dismissed the deep desire for democracy among those who fought and bore the brunt of King George's army and corporate mercenaries, helps us reach for the real democracy the Revolutionaries died for and the one we were promised in our high school history classes. 

Learn about Move to Amend's Constitution Day curriculum. 

Who do we want to attract to our cause?

Young People! We are building a democracy movement for the benefit of the next and future generations of Americans, and many of these students will  become voting adults in the next midterm and presidential elections. We very much need young people to lead us forward and help us build power. The sooner they become empowered as citizens, the more able they will be to participate in shaping their own futures.

Educators! We’re building a Move to Amend Educators Caucus - a community of teachers who care about ending corporate personhood and money as speech. Corporate rule manifests everywhere - from what’s in our textbooks, to the funding our schools get, to our teaching standards. If you're an educator you're welcome to use our Constitution Day materials in your classroom, and we'd love you to sign up for our forming Educators Caucus

Where do I sign up?

Click here to access our webinar, resources and materials. There may still be time to make arrangements with schools in your area. If it's too late to present this year, try to secure the date for next year and do a trial run at a house party for friend and neighbors instead.

P.S. Are you uncomfortable presenting to large groups? Try throwing a house party; you’ll never find a friendlier audience upon whom to hone your skills. Learn more about throwing a house party for Constitution Day here