How to Curb Corporate Political Dominance

February 20, 2016
Phillip Traynor

I am thankful for The Bee editorial encouraging us to support efforts to overhaul the federal campaign finance system (Feb. 17).

Who do you think will win the election in 2016? Look who is leading the race for the Democrats and who for the Republicans. The one with the most money wins. Whatever happened to “We the People”?

A series of decisions by the Supreme Court have recognized corporations as having the same rights as human beings and have equated spending money with free speech. Consequently, corporations and money will determine who will get elected and, once elected, they better do what they are told.

How do we put “we the people” back in charge? As with previous campaigns for women’s suffrage and for civil rights, “we the people” must form a grass-roots movement to bring change.

Today, Move to Amend has about 500,000 supporters nationwide, including over 1,000 organizations and more than 600 city and county governments. Sixteen states have already voted to amend our Constitution “to firmly establish that money is not speech, and that human beings, not corporation, are persons entitled to constitutional rights.”

Join Fresno Move to Amend and make California the 17th state.



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