HR 2 by Tues 2/12@1pm! to House floor!!! Overturn Citizens United - Montanans Move to Amend

February 10, 2019

Contact all House Legislators to overturn Citizens United!
HR 2 goes to floor of House on
Tuesday @1pm!!!
Please contact 5 House Committees (see below)
It only takes 5 minutes to do this!!!
Then forward this Alert to groups you are part of, family, and friends ASAP

             Montanans Move to Amend

Legislative Alert
It just takes 5 minutes to contact these 5 House committees and ask them to support House Resolution 2which is a bipartisan effort that will get at the root of money in politics to stop Citizens United and restore our democracy!!:

You’ll reach ALL House Legislators since they’re on these important committees:
House Appropriations
House Business and Labor
House Judiciary
House State Administration
House Taxation

Then forward this Alert to friends, family, and groups across Montana. 
You can also visit Facebook and share the event at Montanans Move to Amend (link below). 

Please tell your House legislator by Phone or by on-line message:
“I urge the you to pass HR 2”
or you could add:  “and call for the amendment to the US Constitution that will overturn Citizens United and let Montana have fair elections.”

By phone:
Call the message desk (406-444-4800) and give them the names of the House Committees. 

On line:
Click on the link (or copy it into your web browser)
Click on the bar “Message a legislator”
Select “committees” and the name of the (H) House committees (do 5 times)
Select bill type: HR.  then enter the number: 2.
Select “FOR”
Then type your message: short is best.
Click: SEND MESSAGE <<<< don’t forget this!

(Please write as an individual, not as a member of Montanans Move to Amend.  )

Thank you!!!!
Call/text  406-240-0610 with questions

Full text of House Resolution 2
(copy and paste in browser)

Montanans Move to Amend
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pdf of this Alert