I Miss Democracy Pageant

Some items you will need:

  • An "I Miss Democracy" sash
  • Tiara
  • Evening gown or swimsuit
  • Convertible car or pickup truck if participating in a parade
  • Signs such as "Tired of Corporations Running Our Country?"

Hold a "I Miss Democracy Pageant"

Take this idea to the next level and hold an "I Miss Democracy Pageant" with "contestants" trying to impress corporate "judges"

  • Contestants can give a short-speech about her (pro-corporate) interests:
    • "I love walks on private beaches"
    • "I think my most important asset is my intellectual property"
    • "I want to help disadvantaged corporations around the world"
  • Evening wear replaced by "corporate logo" attire portion
  • Talent portion replaced with pro-corporate song/dance
  • Question portion featuring corporate-themed questions
  • Winner receives an "I Miss Democracy" sash, tiara featuring large dollar signs, and a bouquet of dollar bills